Join the Network

If you are interested in joining the Waterfall Games FiveM network, here is what you need to know. We do not deal with or do anything with server merges; we will not ask you to do a server merge (we strongly discourage any server merges). We are a free-to-join network of FiveM servers (no size limit) with the goal of providing high-quality support and partnerships between servers like yours. We founded this network out of a desire to help other server owners. An example of a benefit is if a person is banned on a server in the network, all servers in the network will be informed. Another benefit of joining the network is access to free open-source projects created by network developers. Services such as these not only benefit servers in the network but the FiveM community as a whole.

If you are intrested in joining please email us at:

Or PM Diesel_#0001 on Discord